$ 150,000 in Bail Set for Those Arrested in December 16 Blockade – We Need your Support!

The people arrested Monday night blockading the tar sands megaload were arraigned Wednesday, December 18, in the Justice Court of Grant County. Fourteen were charged with five misdemeanors, one with six and the minor arrested in the action was released Monday. Each person has had bail set at $ 10,000 for a total of $ 150,000. The arrests stem from the two blockades that were set up Monday night using two disabled vehicles to stop the controversial, 450-ton, 376-foot long tar sands megaload transported by Omega Morgan, which was delayed for several hours.

The December 16 arrest and detainment in John Day, Oregon of sixteen people included individuals who were merely in proximity to the Omega Morgan megaload now making its way through Eastern Oregon– only some of those arrested were actively protesting.  Others were observers and reporters who were standing nearby on the shoulder of the road, well within the law.

The action Monday was the sixth regional action against the Oregon megaloads in two weeks. The actions started when two were arrested successfully preventing the megaload from leaving the Port of Umatilla on December 1st. A member of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla was arrested December 2nd trying to block the megaload. Office occupations and disruptions have taken place at Omega Morgan’s offices in Fife, WA and Hillsboro, OR, as well as the General Electric subsidiary that designed the machinery moving towards the Athabasca oil fields in Alberta.

 We need legal funds to support these folks, and to continue our work to stop these shipments from reaching the tar sands!  Please share this link and donate if you can!

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