Action against ESCO Corp, Tar Sands Profiteer, 2/17/13

On Sunday afternoon February 17th,  Portland Rising Tide took action against Tar Sands profiteer ESCO corp. in solidarity with climate action protests across the country.  ESCO corp. is a corporation local to Portland, OR  that designs and manufactures equipment for resource extraction projects all over the world. They had recently bought one of their major suppliers in the Alberta Tar Sands and are in the process of expanding their supply to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, which is the site from which coal intended for export in the Pacific Northwest would be mined.

ESCO corp. in the past year has been running a PR campaign to bulster their attempt at going public and has supplemented this with an exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society celebrating their 100 year legacy in Portland. Rising Tide activists on Sunday decided to occupy this exhibit and instead share with visitors the real legacy this company is leaving on our planet. We took time to highlight some of the ecologically and socially devastating projects ESCO profits from aroud the world and also utilized the space to share with each other what kind of legacy we would rather leave.

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