Third Megaload Permitted! Join the Rapid Response Network!

We need you to help resist the third and final (for now) Megaload!

The third tar sands megaload, which has been sitting unmoving in the Port of Umatilla, was issued a permit on Thursday, February 6th to move in the coming days. Together we’ve put up a strong fight so far and need to show Big Oil that every megaload they attempt to move will be met with resistance. We need a big turn out at this action!


If you’ve been waiting for your chance to get involved with Rising Tide, here it is! Or if you’ve been working with us for a bit and want to learn more about how we work and why, join us. We’ll go over the Rising Tide structure, history, talk about our current campaigns, each of our working groups, & how to get involved in the organizing.

Finally, we want to send a big thanks out to everyone who’s been organizing, attending events, donating money or even just spreading the word about fighting fossil fuels in Oregon. It’s been a busy month and we’ve gotten some amazing things accomplished together. We’ve never been more confident that we’re making progress and we’ve never been more excited to keep fighting!

All the best,
Portland Rising Tide

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