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Banner depicting fireman with a fire hose trying to extinguish a flaming globe.

Climate Justice Activists Protest Clean Energy Jobs Bill

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February, 6 2019

Climate Justice Activists Protest Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Salem, OR: Activists with the group Portland Rising Tide showed up at the Clean Energy Jobs lobby day with a banner that read, “World on Fire, CEJ Brings Garden Hose.” Hundreds of climate activists from across Oregon gathered in Salem to lobby for climate action, including volunteers with Portland Rising Tide who are calling for a Green New Deal. As Democrats are poised to pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill with support from Big Green Organizations, grassroots activists are calling on Democrats to dramatically reform the bill or abandon it and pass stronger legislation instead.

A banner depicting the earth on fire and fireman trying to put it out with a tiny hose.  The banner slogan is "World on fire! CEJ brings garden hose."

Activists with Portland Rising Tide are calling attention to major problems within the Clean Energy Jobs bill, including no limits on the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, use of carbon markets and carbon trading, and the proportion of the revenue that will go into the Highway Trust Fund, potentially leading to increases in greenhouse gas emissions.  

Instead, activists are calling for a Green New Deal in Oregon that includes direct industry regulation, transformation of the food system, massive expansion of public transportation, and job programs.

“We’re out here today because we want to see serious action on climate change,” said Jesse Hannon with Portland Rising Tide. “We are very concerned that this bill is not going to do what it claims. Cap and trade has been a failure for 13 years, and with only 12 years left to significantly reduce emissions, we don’t have time to waste on policies that don’t work. We need something better and we need it now.”

Increasingly, Oregonians are concerned about climate change and calling for climate action. In response to the recent studies showing that irreversible climate tipping points could be reached as soon as 2030, people are calling for rapid carbon emissions reductions and a society-wide transition off of fossil fuels.

Portland Rising Tide is an all-volunteer network of climate justice activists organizing against the root causes of climate change.

For more information and pictures from today’s action, visit @pdxrisingtide on Twitter and Facebook.

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Illustration of banner reading Summer of Resistance

Summer of Resistance: Defending Frontline Activists

Summer of Resistance: Defending Frontline Activists

An evening of comedy & music!

Friday, June 30th 6pm-9pm

Lagunitas Community Room, 237 NE Broadway St #300

Portland, OR 97232, USA

Hosted by Portland comedian Bonesaw

Comedian lineup: Chris Johnson, Wendy Weiss, Christian Ricketts, & Jay Shingle

Featuring live music by Tom Dandelion & the Fresh Fruits!

Benefit Event for the Civil Liberties Defense Center

Tickets: $15 in advance $20 at the door

Facebook event

Currently we are representing dozens of Standing Rock Water Protectors, the valve turners who shut down the 5 pipelines bringing Canadian tar sands into the US, the 52 Break Free defendants from the Break Free action in 2016, and many other front-line defenders. With the current administration and the climate emergency the need for direct action is more important than ever. Come support our work defending front-line activists in the northwest & across the country!

Our Executive Director, Lauren Regan, will be giving an update on the cases & projects we are working on and introducing our newest staff member, Erin Grady.


Join us for a night of comedy, music, and fun at CLDC’s Summer of Resistance! The night will be hosted by Portland comedian Bonesaw featuring comedy from: Chris Johnson, Wendy Weiss, Christian Ricketts, & Jay Shingle and live music by Tom Dandelion & the Fresh Fruits!


Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Ticket includes one free drink token additional drink tokens are $4. There will be beer, wine, pizza, and more food!

Purchase tickets here: or at the event! 

In solidarity,

Charles Denson

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Defund DAPL! Round 3


On Thursday Jan 26th at 2pm, join Portland Rising Tide for Round 3 to DEFUND DAPL! We are spending a day getting as many Portlanders as possible to take their money out of banks that fund DAPL. There will be cocoa, talking to strangers, and the merry jingle of the sounds of oil corporation bankruptcy.

Here’s the Plan:

We’ll meet up at the Rising Tide office, go over the strategy and then at 2:30 we will leave to fan out to as many different banks that fund DAPL as possible. Armed with tastefully designed “move your money” info packets (provided at the office), we will stand outside the banks, or on busy intersections or parks, in pairs or small groups and ask folks banking there to move their money to a credit union or local bank that doesn’t fund fossil fuels. The goal is to have as many personal conversations with folks as possible and leave with new friends! After banks close we’ll meet at The Standard Bar (on 22nd & Burnside) for a tasty beverage and a debrief.

What to Bring:

-Warm clothes, snacks and water.
-Anything else you need to be comfortable standing outside for a few hours.
-A buddy if you’ve got one!
-Treats to entice strangers to talk to you (optional)
-A sign related to NODAPL (optional)
-Musical instrument (optional)

If you can’t join at 2, check back here and we will post places for people to join in throughout the afternoon.

Also, check out the de-fund DAPL withdrawal tracker:
Over 44 million and counting…Let’s make this number skyrocket!

Can’t make it to the event on Jan 12th? Print out your own Move Your Money Packets and host your own event! There are two versions of the packets available. One version has Portland specific information, and the other can be used anywhere in the country. Please share this resource!

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Break Free protesters camped on the tracks outside of Tesoro refiner in Anacortes

Help With Break Free PNW Legal Support

Break Free protesters camped on the tracks outside of Tesoro refiner in Anacortes
Small entrance to rail track blockade at Break Free, PNW Copyright (c) 2016 Alex Garland and made available under Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 license.

In May of 2016, dozens of activists were arrested after blockading a train track heading to the Tesoro oil refinery outside of Anacortes, Washington. This action held the tracks for 36 hours and was coordinated with an international series of actions known as Break Free. You can help with their legal costs by donating here

Pressured by this action and years of local organizing, Shell withdrew their proposal for a rail spur to their refinery, which neighbors the Tesoro refinery on March Point. This rail spur would have doubled the amount of oil trains passing through Mt. Vernon and the Swinomish Tribal Reservation. Direct action works!

Now 39 of those activists are going to trial and they need your help! Expert witness expenses and legal costs add up quickly. Your financial support shows these activists that you’ve got their back and support the struggle for climate justice. 

We have a goal of $20,000 – any amount helps! Please donate.

This fund is administered by volunteers, so 100% of donations will go to court costs.

Thank you for your support!

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