Author: Arnold Schroder

On Direct Action With Trump Around

AP Photo/James MacPherson

The day before police evicted the Frontline Encampment directly in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Jesse Jackson appeared at the blockade on horseback. Celebrity appearances at the DAPL resistance always gave the sleepless days and nights of Native

The North Dakota Access Pipeline: Indigenous Resistance Is Stopping the Spread of Fossil Fuels

An reddish evening photo of an oil refinery.

In 1990, world leaders—if “leaders” is indeed an apt characterization—met in Rio De Janeiro to proclaim climate change a truly fundamental crisis which urgently needed to be addressed. At the time, existing fossil fuel infrastructure represented 107 Mt of “committed

Police Risk Protester’s Life to End 9-Hour Oil Train Blockade

Police extract Sunny Glover from the blockade tripod by incrementally shortening the legs.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/19/14 Contact: David Osborn, (503) 516-8932, Scott Schroder, (510) 842-5747, Clatskanie, OR—Yesterday afternoon, climate justice group Portland Rising Tide and allies from Columbia County erected a 20-foot-tall tripod of steel poles to blockade the Port

Oil Trains in Oregon: The Bakken Shale, the Uinta Basin, and the Climate Crisis

In order to maintain a liveable world, fossil fuel use must radically decline in the immediate future. This will require foregoing new mines, drilling projects, and pipelines; it will also require decommissioning a great deal of the ones that already