Bradwood and Palomar Pipeline: Resistance Ecology Case Study on Community Coalitions to Defeat Energy Exports, 6/2/13

This workshop was one of RT-PDX’s contributions to The First Annual Resistance Ecology Conference at Portland State University.  In this workshop, we explored the successful defeat of the Bradwood natural gas import/export facility near Astoria and the associated Palomar pipeline in 2010.  Organized opposition resulted in the cancellation of the project and the loss of tens of millions of dollars by investors.  The Bradford campaign included a diverse array of community groups and organizations.  It also included electoral, legal, advocacy and direct action tactics in which strong and non-traditional alliances were formed among radical environmental advocates and local communities.  This case is particularly important, serving as an example of the power of  movement building among diverse interest groups– exactly the type of response that will be required to effectively oppose the thirteen energy export proposals presently planned from Alaska to Oregon.

Sun, June 2

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