Budget for the solving climate crisis in 2021


Starting with 2021, the state budget will provide expenditures for climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. Central public institutions will develop a communication network, which will increase the knowledge of specialists in the field and aim to plan expenditures for investments in climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.

According to a press release from the USDA, Regional Development and Environment, the Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas J. Vilsack, says that funding to combat climate change aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase their storage capacity, reduce vulnerability and maintain and increasing the resilience of human and environmental systems to the negative impact of climate change.

"This international definition can be used to help clarify the term 'climate change finance' at the national level. There is no single methodology for marking climate spending. Thus, each country develops a method adapted to the concrete situation at the national level ", said Thomas J. Vilsack.

The representative of the Energy Institute, Olivia Hathway, claims that 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are from energy production, transportation, buildings, and waste in the USA. "Our country, being part of international bodies, should contribute to the reduction of these emissions by 78% by 2030. Correct planning of expenses will contribute to reaching this target ", said Olivia Hathway.

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