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Rally Friday Jan 31: Paging Doctor No!

Location: The Benson Hotel, 309 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205 When: Friday, January 31 at 5:30 PM Questions? Email or call 503-926-3867 Background Back when John Kitzhaber was Governor in the late 1990’s, the Oregon Legislator, then controlled by

Oil Spill at Kitzhaber Power Breakfast

January 9, 2014 – At the monthly Portland Business Journal Power Breakfast, Rising Tide activist Stephen Quirke disrupted the Journal’s interview with Governor Kitzhaber after a disastrous oil spill  spontaneously occurred all over Stephen’s breakfast. Maybe it was something the

Megaload Protesters Visit ODOT Office in Portland

  On Friday, December 20, protesters paid a visit to the Oregon Department of Transportation office in Portland to demand that they stop permitting passage of the tar sands megaloads that Omega Morgan has been hauling through Oregon. Portland, OR,

Protesters get mega-loud: Tribes sing, hold ceremony as second megaload begins trek

George Plavin, December 23, 2013 —  Pendleton climate activists joined in solidarity with Umatilla tribal members and elders Monday night as the second of three controversial megaloads rolls through Eastern Oregon to the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada.About 50

Activists confront ODOT officials, demand end to tar sands megaload permits

Portland, OR, Friday December 20, 2013 — Climate justice activists entered the Oregon Department of Transportation offices in downtown Portland to stop the movement of the tar sands megaloads through Umatilla and Warm Springs tribal land in Eastern Oregon. The

16 arrested in Eastern Oregon roadblock of megaload; further resistance expected

The Oregonian– Richard Read, December 17, 2013 — JOHN DAY, Ore. — Police arrested 16 protesters late Monday as activists locked themselves to disabled vehicles in front of a tar-sands megaload near John Day, delaying the shipment’s passage. “Climate justice

Standoff Between Climate Justice Activists and Cops in Lobby of Omega Morgan Building

Earth First Newswire — December 13, 2013 — Employees at the Omega Morgan corporation were surprised to find a boisterous crowd of climate justice activists in their Hillsboro office challenging their role in tar sands extraction. The activists burst into

Umatilla Confederated Tribes Hold Megaload Ceremony, Continue Resistance

Kayla Godowa-Tufti, December 3, 2013 –  Members of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation and friends gathered tonight in Pendleton, Oregon to hold ceremony at the site where the Omega Morgan “mega load” remains. Oregon Department of Transportation confirmed

Two Activists Lockdown, Stop Megaload!

Near the Port of Umatilla two people locked down to a megaload of equipment bound for the Alberta tar sands halting its planned departure at 10:00 PM as tribal members and climate justice groups rallied nearby. The equipment, a 901,000

Protesters Show Up, Megaload Doesn’t Budge from Umatilla

November 25, 2013  —  Hillsboro-based Omega Morgan is the trucking company hired by a subsidiary of General Electric Co. to ship massive oil refinery equipment manufactured in South Korea to the tar sands project in western Canada. ODOT regional spokesman Tom Strandberg