Port Westward Blockade – Donate to Sunny’s Legal Fund

Sunny & supporters rally on the courthouse steps after the hearing
Sunny & supporters rally on the courthouse steps after the hearing
Remember last fall, when Portland Rising Tide blockaded the tracks to Port Westward for over 9 hours, successfully delaying an oil train from reaching the terminal?
Well, our brave friend Sunny, who was atop the tripod blocking the tracks, was sentenced on February 18th, 2015, in the courthouse in St. Helens, OR.  For their courageous act of resistance, Sunny has been ordered to pay $1860 in fines and to perform 80 hours of community service – as if standing up to the fossil fuel industry isn’t the pinnacle of community service!
Sunny is almost finished with the coerced labor aspect of their sentencing, but we need to fundraise to help cover the legal costs of the action.  Please donate today, and indicate that you’d like your donation to go to Sunny’s legal fees.  
For the Earth!


Pacific Northwest Fossil Fuel Export Map

Image of Pacific NW Fossil Fuel Export Map with the heading "Coal Oil Gas: None Shall Pass"Having trouble keeping track of all of the oil, gas, and coal export projects in the Pacific Northwest? Download the PDF version of Portland Rising Tide’s comprehensive guide to all of the fossil fuel madness happening right here in our own backyard. 

If you like the map, please consider making a donation to Portland Rising Tide. If you don’t like what is on the map, consider joining us in our efforts to stop the madness

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Port Westward Oil Terminal

On August 22, the Oregon Transportation Commission voted to approve nearly $5 million in subsidies for rail and dock infrastructure tied to coal export and oil-by-rail projects. Of that amount, $2M will go directly to expand the dock used by Global Partners at Port Westward, paving the way for the firm to significantly increase the amount of crude oil it can receive via rail and load onto vessels to deliver to U.S. West Coast refineries.


Background:  Without public hearings or notification, Massachusetts-based Global Partners began exporting oil from Port Westward in 2012 at the site of a publicly financed and short-lived ethanol terminal near Clatskanie, Oregon.  Explosion-prone  Bakken oil trains travel through the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, and St. Helens among many other cities on the way to the export terminal. 

The Port Westward terminal was permitted by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to handle 50M gallons crude per year. In March, Global Partners was slapped on the wrist with a $117,000 fine for exporting six times the legal maximum.


Portland Rising Tide opposes fracking in the Bakken Oil Fields and the environmental devastation that it wreaks. We oppose turning the Columbia Gorge into a conduit for massive fossil fuel trafficking. We oppose state and federal subsidies of the fossil fuel industry. Check our site frequently to get updates on our efforts to stop oil-by-rail in the Pacific Northwest.

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