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On Direct Action With Trump Around

AP Photo/James MacPherson

The day before police evicted the Frontline Encampment directly in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Jesse Jackson appeared at the blockade on horseback. Celebrity appearances at the DAPL resistance always gave the sleepless days and nights of Native

Mapping the Portlandia Fossil Fuel Corridor

It seems like just about every week Portland is receiving some sort of new award or recognition for sustainability. We certainly built up a legacy of ecological awareness early-on. Tom McCall, our republican governor in the 60’s and 70’s, advocated

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The Logic of Failed Climate Policies vs. the Logic of Direct Action: Oregon As a Case Study

A flooded grove of trees. Their trunks are underwater.

by Scott Schroder Portland Rising Tide has focused much of its fight against climate change on fossil fuel transport and infrastructure. Protests and direct actions have targeted gas pipelines, coal terminals, oil trains, and tar sands trucks. We are not

Cascadia Coal and Oil Export Update

Thanks to well-organized and vehement resistance to planned coal export terminals throughout the Northwest, significant victories continue in the fight for healthy communities and clean air and rivers.  Resistance to oil trafficking is beginning to coalesce but activists opposing oil

The Columbian: Just Say No to Oil Terminal

Having provided months of thorough coverage of the Tesaro/Savage proposal, the Columbian came out flat against the terminal in an editorial published on January 12 — Tesoro-Savage proposal bad for safety, economic development, quality of life —  In the end,

The Climate Movement’s Pipeline Preoccupation

Yes, Keystone XL is horrible – but so are plenty of other fossil fuel infrastructure plans –By Arielle Klagsbrun, David Osborn, Kirby Spangler and Maryam Adrangi— The following excepts were published  in  Earth Island Journal and  Waging Nonviolence, October, 2013

As Coal Exports, Its Dark Legacy Stays Home

Guest Ranter:  Tom Turner of Earthjustice, August 13, 2013 — Earthjustice challenges industry plans to increase world market The use of coal in the U.S. has declined over the past few years, and orders for new plants are being cancelled