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sHellNo Flotalla in front of MSV Fennica dry dock location on the Willamette near Portland, OR

sHellNOPDX Vigil at Cathedral Park Today (7/30)!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Have you heard the news? We’re making waves! Thanks again to all of you who signed our successful petition in opposition to Pembina’s proposed propane terminal: It’s all about taking on the fossil fuel industry here in our city.  Last time, it was Pembina. This time, it’s Shell. And we need you!

Join us at Cathedral Park in Portland on Tuesday to oppose Shell Oil’s destructive Arctic drilling operations. We have just learned that Shell’s icebreaker is leaving Wednesday morning; We will launch a kayak “floatilla” vigil to stop Shell’s newly-repaired icebreaker from leaving the port. An on-water and on-land vigil will help share the message that we hold our water, land, air, and stories to be more sacred than profits from destructive energy extraction.


Where: Cathedral Park, North Portland. Boat ramp is at the end of N Baltimore Ave, on the North side of the park.

When: Tuesday July 28th, Starting at noon, lasting until the ship leaves (and hopefully keeping it there!)


Connect with us to get real time information about the Fennica’s arrival and actions:

  • Join the rapid response network. Text @sHellNOPDX to 23559 to join the rapid response network and receive text updates on actions

  • Follow our Twitter feed at #PDXvsShell, #Floodthesystem and #ShellNo.

  • Sign up for more action alerts as part of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network here.

Thank you!


Daphne Wysham
Director, Climate and Energy Program
Center for Sustainable Economy

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PDX Vs. Shell!

sHellNo-ShellCrossboneJoin 350PDX, Rising Tide and the Climate Action Coalition To Oppose Arctic Oil Drilling!

 The MSV Fennica–an icebreaker chartered by Shell– sustained damage on its voyage north and is scheduled for repairs at Vigor Industrial Shipyard in North Portland. The ship is a critical to Shell being able to drill this season. 

WHEN: Meet at 3:00pm. We will launch the flotilla by 4:00pm and expect to be on the water roughly an hour.

WHERE: We will launch from the Swan Island Boat ramp, at the end of N Basin Ave.

Address for GPS: 5367 N Basin Ave., Portland, OR 97217

Transit:  Bus 72, Stop ID 3315, at N. Lagoon & N. Anchor Sts. Then walk 1/2 mile north on Anchor St. and west on N. Basin Ave.

Parking: The parking lot at the Boat Dock will fill up, so come early and car-pool.
A secondary parking lot will be available after the driver drops off passengers and kayaks, etc.

WHAT: Please bring your kayak, canoe or SUP. We are working hard to have boats available for rental (by donation). However, PLEASE NOTE if you do not bring your own boat we cannot guarantee you a boat. Bring a life jacket if you plan on boating. Also, bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinking water. 

 Join the Facebook event and invite your friends to PDX Vs. Shell!
Check PRT Upcoming Events and the 350pdx Calendar for Upcoming Actions to Greet the MSV Fennica in Portland!
Track the MSV Fennica here
On July 22, the Obama Administration gave its final stamp of approval to Shell Oil’s application to drill the Arctic. The Department of Interior analysis indicates a 75% chance of an Arctic Oil Spill during Shell’s 77-year lease.
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60 Community Members Block Rails, Commemorate Lac-Megantic Derailment, Protest Oil Trains

Faith, environmental and community members blocked the tracks into an oil transfer and storage facility in NW Portland for an hour Monday morning.  Portland’s Climate Action Coalition sponsored the blockade at Arc Logistics for a memorial service on the two-year anniversary of the oil train derailment that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.


Community members, both young and old, standing in front of a row of oil tank cars, holding placards commemorating those who lost their lives in the Lac Magnetic oil-by-rail disaster of July 2013.The 60 participants in the memorial service held signs with the name and age of each person who died from the derailment’s massive explosion, which destroyed more than three dozen buildings in the Lac-Mégantic downtown.  The unattended runaway train derailed and two dozen oil cars exploded in the middle of the night on July 6, 2013.  The disaster is the most deadly explosion so far of oil from the new fracking development in North Dakota’s Bakken field, which holds an especially volatile mixture of oil and gas.  Bakken oil is now regularly moved through Portland and Southern Washington.

For the unprecedented memorial blockade, Reverend Kate Lore, social justice minister at First Unitarian Church, Reverend Jayna Gieber of People of the Heart, and community organizer Bonnie McKinlay spoke to honor the lives lost in Lac-Mégantic and to call attention to the safety risks and climate damage created by the fossil fuel industry. 

The Climate Action Coalition staged the memorial at Arc Logistics to call attention to the local and global risks from oil trains and climate change. “It’s corporate greed versus the common good, whether its rail safety or climate change,” said long time activist Lowen Berman.  Today’s action coincides with others across the United States and Canada for “The Oil Train Week of Action,” a project sponsored by Forest Ethics and

Oil trains travel weekly through North Portland to get to Arc Logistics. The Climate Action Coalition is calling for an end to fossil fuel development and an immediate People standing on top of an oil car, holding a banner that says "We Remember Lac Magnetic". transition to a renewable energy and an economy that values people and planet over profit.

After the memorial, activists with PDX Bike Swarm and PDX Valkyries unfurled a banner on top of a parked oil car reading, “We Remember Lac Mégantic, July 6, 2013 #SolidaritéMégantic #StopOilTrains.”



More photos from this action:








Photos: Kudos and deep thanks to Rick Rappaport, Gregory Sotir, Mia Reback, Ted Gleichman, and Victoria





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Climate Action Coalition Fights Climate Profiteers, Greenwashing – City Council Greenwashes Fracking

Yesterday, June 24th, the Climate Action Coalition took to the streets and City Hall to call for an end to the destruction of the climate and its open endorsement of the local fossil fuel economy. Although City Council decided to strengthen key parts of the Climate Action Plan, they failed to make many much-needed changes and actively removed a provision accounting for the methane footprint of fracked gas.


The day started with an 8am rally by BikeLoudPDX to call for an end to our violent road system and the adoption of a Vision Zero policy for transportation justice in Portland. Car culture and the violent road system that was created to support it was an intentional product of the fossil fuel industry’s multi-generational lobbying efforts. Riders from the rally and the Tank of DOOM then moved to the rally point for the Climate Action Ride at 11am. After some local media coverage and sweet tunes from the Disco Trike, the Tank of DOOM and its 50-person escort was off!

Outside The Oregonian

The first stop, much to the joy of many rival news cameras, was the mouth of the fossil fuel industry itself, The Oregonian. The Oregonian has been a long-time advocate for the Pembina Propane-by-Rail Terminal in St. Johns, despite countless concerns about the safety and climate-sense of shipping propane cars from fracking and tar sands sources to China to be used in plastics.

Headquarters of The Oregonian
Headquarters of The Oregonian

The time has long been over to treat The Oregonian like serious credible journalism, especially after a series of full-page ads by Pembina in their printed tabloids not-so-subtly reveal who funds a significant portion of their ever-shrinking budget (and credibility).

CFM Lobby

The Tank of DOOM rode next to CFM Communications, conveniently located across the street from the Portland Building and City Hall. CFM represents Pembina, TransCanada, and Nestle as well as many public and well-known institutions.

“Local businesses that don’t participate directly in extraction, transfer, or sale of fossil fuels can still be climate profiteers. CFM Communications makes money trying to convince Portland that the Pembina propane export terminal would not be environmentally damaging or contribute to climate chaos. Effectively, they obscure the reality of Pembina’s reputation as a major polluter with their well-funded propaganda campaign. It’s objectionable to have local businesses profiting off the destruction of the planet. Their other clients and the public should be aware of their business practices.” – Nick Caleb, representing Our Children’s Trust on the Climate Action Coalition

Portlandia, meet Little Beirut

Despite security locking the elevators to their office and numerous threats police eviction, we were able to occupy their lobby and show the city bureaus across the street who CFM was representing. The Tank of DOOM, to the cheers of a tour group, then moved onto the next target: Portland State University.

PSU Administration Building


The Climate Riders occupied the lobby of PSU Administration, demanding accountability for the close ties Portland State’s board of trustees and the PSU Foundation have to fossil fuel extraction. Students and Alumni also talked about divestment and the fact that Peter Stott, a board member of megaload-haulin’ Omega-Morgan, has a building named after him.

The Tank of DOOM then rolled down the street to support another rally by the Climate Action Coalition, this time with faith-based groups giving speeches and preparing to testify at the City Council hearing on the Climate Action Plan. The rally began with reading the names of the victims in the AME Shooting in Charleston who were murdered because they were black. The climate movement is as much a movement about the systemic dismantling white supremacy and colonization as it is about climate change.



As the rally participants prepared to move into City Hall to testify for a stronger Climate Action Plan, the ride continued onward to target another local public official who promotes climate catastrophe.

Members of BikeLoudPDX
Members of BikeLoudPDX



Despite threats from security, the Tank of DOOM escort parked in the courtyard of the building that held the offices of the Department of Environmental Quality, Bonneville Power Administration, Senator Wyden, and the bike-friendly Representative Blumenauer. Tori Cole of CAC and PDX Bike Swarm spoke about the DEQ’s frequent propensity to support fossil fuel expansions, despite histories of unpermitted operations and continual violations of state permitting laws. CAC members also spoke about the BPA and its masquerade as “green” energy. Dams like those the BPA operate are massive barriers to the river ecology, including salmon runs, that indigenous communities and forests in our bioregion depend on.

Blumenauer Wanted for Climate Crimes

As folks spoke about the DEQ and BPA, members of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign dropped a banner from the top of a parking garage across the street, calling out Blumenauer for his support of the TPP FastTrack and its implications for fossil fuel exports and climate action. Fossil fuel companies could sue communities for passing laws that ban fossil fuel infrastructure, giving corporations more rights than communities or even the federal government.

Shell Station at 12th and Hawthorne
Shell Station at 12th and Hawthorne

The next stop on the tour was the Shell Station at 12th and Hawthorne. Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic this summer are based on the expectations of a catastrophic 2C rise in global temperatures. Shell’s arctic drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, experienced massive resistance reminiscent of the WTO protests. The gas station was briefly shut down and no cars could fill up with gasoline that likely came from Shell’s violent and spill-ridden extraction in Nigeria.

A local kayaktivist who just returned  from blocking the Polar Pioneer in Seattle.
A local kayaktivist who just returned from blocking the Polar Pioneer in Seattle.

The Climate Action Ride finally moved towards its last polluter, a heinous company that profits not only off climate change but also the wars fought over it: Precision Castparts. Precision Castparts makes equipment for fossil fuel extraction as well as airfoils for the non-functional F-35 jet that has cost the US taxpayers over $1 trillion. They are also Portland’s largest company and the #1 industrial air polluter in the entire US.

Climate Riders blockading the entrance to the Precision Castparts headquarters.
Climate Riders blockading the entrance to the Precision Castparts headquarters.

There is something particularly sickening when confronted with the fossil fuel economy we live in, creating almost every modern war, destroying our access to safe food, and keeping us from transportation justice. Even when politicians argue for stronger climate action, they often use it as an excuse to push for more displacement through housing injustice and gentrification.

Upon our return to City Hall and the Climate Action Plan hearing, the public was still not allowed to testify as industry groups and other groups friendly to the City’s climate inaction and greenwashing agenda continued to praise the City. Public testimony was extremely limited and almost all who signed up to testify for a stronger CAP were turned away. City Council didn’t even strengthen the existing CAP; they instead unanimously accepted a proposal from Michael Armstrong to remove a specific provision that acknowledges the city to account for fugitive methane emissions from fracking wells in reducing citywide emissions. He then proposed instead that the city praise NW Natural for retrofitting its local infrastructure to make it more sustainable, despite NW Natural’s dependence on fracking for its natural gas. City Council ended the day using the full weight of our City of Portland to greenwash NW Natural, a private fossil fuel corporation.

Members of the Climate Action Coalition are extremely disappointed with this greenwashing, and expect significant and constant public involvement in moving the implementation of the CAP forward, especially regarding equity concerns for local residents and future generations.


Stay tuned for when Portland Rising Tide exposes the depths of the fossil fuel industry in Mapping the PDX Fossil Fuel Corridor.



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Tank of Doom 6th Great Extinction Bomb Train Ride

imagesIce caps melt, sea-level rises, weather gets weird, oceans acidify. The 6th Great Extinction is underway but the Culture At-Large acts like nothing is happening. This must be a Cartoon. So, dig that Daffy Duck costume out of the closet. Join us for some Looney good times and Tunes touring with the Tank of Doom— rollin’ bike-powered fossil fuel buffoonery.  Ride along NoPo’s infamous oil-train blast zones with stops for fun and food…

What: Maybe dress up like a soon-to-be-extinct animal and ride through NoPo’s infamous oil-train blast zones

When: Saturday, June 13th, 12-4pm

Where:  Starts at Khunamokwst Park, NE Alberta St & NE 52nd Ave Take Trimet

Wes Kempfer, wkempferjr at gmail daht comm,, 503-926-3867  [forum]



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Stop LNG Exports: Statewide Rally to Protect Our Home

Stop LNG Exports

Tuesday, MAY 26th, 11:00AM

Capitol Steps, Salem

Let’s rally and march to protect our home from two Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export proposals in Oregon. We need to act now to defend our state from dangerous fossil fuel export projects that threaten our climate and communities.

Join with Oregonians to rally on the Capitol Steps and march to the Department of State Lands Office, five blocks away.

Hear from tribal and environmental leaders, impacted land owners, community members, and elected officials

Special Address from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance

Please wear RED to show solidarity.

Free Bus/Carpool from Portland: email by Friday, May 22nd

Tip: If you drive, bring plenty of quarters for nearby street parking. Meters take six quarters per hour.



What is LNG?

Liquefied Natural Gas, is super cooled methane gas that requires massive amounts of energy and freshwater to produce. Canadian energy companies have been working for years on two proposals for massive fracked gas pipelines and LNG export terminals in northern and southern parts of the state.


 Quick Facts on the Jordan Cove Project

-Veresen, a Canadian energy company, wants to build a 232 mile pipeline across Southern Oregon to transport 1.2 billion cubic feet of fracked methane gas per year from Canada and the interior west to Coos Bay, where it would be shipped overseas from a giant new terminal and power plant built on sand spit in a tsunami zone.

-The pipeline will cross through Klamath, Jackson, Douglas and Coos counties and the lands of nearly 700 private property owners.  Homeowners, farmers and ranchers are being threatened with Eminent Domain if they don’t settle for a small one-time payment for use of their property.

-This project will have a big impact on Oregon’s climate. Methane has a global warming potential 86 times greater than carbon dioxide. If built the export terminal and fugitive emission from the pipeline would soon become the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.


Quick Facts on the Oregon LNG Project

-Oregon LNG is an American energy company whose sole project is a proposal to build a bi-directional LNG shipping and receiving hub and a natural gas pipeline in Warrenton, Oregon. The proposed terminal would have the capacity to liquefy and ship up to 9.6 million tons of LNG per year. 

-The 36 inch diameter pipeline would be 86 miles long and cross the private property of nearly 50 landowners private property.

-Building the proposed Oregon LNG terminal requires dredging 1.2 million cubic feet of river bottom in linchpin habitat for endangered salmon and other endangered and threatened species.

-Exporting gas overseas would create more competition on the world market and is estimated to raise gas prices at home by up to 54%.

Stop LNG Exports!

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Climate justice groups call for mass actions in lead up to Paris climate talks
Climate justice groups call for mass actions in lead up to Paris climate talks

Starting this September, Rising Tide North America is calling for mass actions to shut down the economic and political systems threatening our survival.

Already, hundreds of thousands are streaming into the streets to fight back against climate chaos, capitalism and white supremacy.

This wave of resistance couldn’t be more urgent. To stop climate chaos we need a phenomenal escalation in organizing, participation and tactical courage. We need a profound social transformation to uproot the institutions of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy, the systems that created the climate crisis. And we need to link arms with allies fighting for migrant justice, dignified work and pay, and an end to the criminalization and brutal policing of black and brown bodies.

We need to #FloodTheSystem.

In the lead up to the United Nations climate talks in Paris, in December, we will escalate local and regional resistance against systems that threaten our collective survival. Together, we will open alternative paths to the failing negotiations of political elites.

This is not another protest. It is a call for a massive economic and political intervention. It is a call to build the relationships needed to sustain our struggles for the long haul. To build popular power along the intersections of race, class, gender and ability. To collectively unleash our power and change everything.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are mobilizing locally.  If you want to get involved, let us know.  And if you already know you are willing to take direct action to address the climate crisis and stop the fossil fuel projects in our region, sign the Rising Tide Regional Pledge of Resistance.

See you at the barricades.

Pack the Port of Portland Commission Meeting


Come to the Port of Portland Commission* meeting this coming Wednesday morning, May 13th and let the Port Commissioners know that THE PEOPLE SAY NO, NO, NO!!! to Pembina and to the Port of Portland.

Port Commission Meeting:

Wed. May 13th, 9:30 AM, 8th floor Chinook Room

7200 NE Airport Way

Carpool meet-up: 8:30am sharp, 2249 E Burnside.

Please come and urge your friends and contacts to come and let the Port know that the people of Portland want nothing to do with this unsafe, environmentally destructive, climate changing project and the corporation that has proposed it.

We will be meeting up at 9:00 AM in front of the elevators on the 8th floor of the Port Headquarters.  (see directions below).  Feel free to bring materials that show your opposition to the Pembina proposal.

The Port Commission does not provide for general public testimony at its meetings.  However, it is possible to sign up to testify on any item on the meeting agenda.  The first action item on the agenda is “Requesting approval of the Port of Portland’s Risk Management Plan.”  It seems clear that, thinking broadly in local, regional and global terms, the proposed Pembina Propane Terminal represents a clear safety, environmental, economic and climate risk which is not adequately addressed in the Port’s Risk Management Plan.  (See the Port of Portland 5/13 agenda online for details of their risk management plan.)  If you agree with this assessment, please sign up at the beginning of the meeting and provide testimony regarding your concerns to the commissioners. 

Directions:  The Port Headquarters is located on top of the long term parking building.   If driving to the airport follow signs to the large new long-term parking structure near the terminal.  Park in the structure.  Your parking ticket will be validated if you attend the Commission meeting.   Once parked, follow the signage to the elevators to the Port Headquarters.

If taking the MAX, you can access the Port Headquarters elevator from the terminal building using the north tunnel (at the north end of the lower level baggage area) to the Port elevator.

*Please note that, of the nine commissioners appointed by the Governor, seven are corporate executives.

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Counterfeit Cash, The Wild Wood & Anna Fritz!

A Folk Benefit for Rising Tide and Direct Resistance to Climate Change

Join local musicians from country, bluegrass, and folk traditions for an evening of food, fun, and song to fight climate change! The night kicks off with cellist & folksinger Anna Fritz (Portland Cello Project), heats up with bluegrass shredders The Wild Wood, and finishes off with a rockin set from Johnny Cash cover band, Counterfeit Cash. Proceeds will support Portland Rising Tide, an all-volunteer, grassroots network organizing locally to promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.

Ecotrust at 721 NW 9th Ave Ste 200, Portland, Oregon 97209

Friday, May 22 at 7:30 PM

Join Portland Rising Tide, Counterfeit Cash, Wild Wood, and Anna Fritz for a night of food, music, and beer!

$5-$50 sliding scale admission. No one turned away!

For more info, visit the facebook event page:

Anna Fritz performs original songs for cello and voice, touching on themes of gender, justice, spirituality, and connection to the natural world. She has the training of a classical player and the experience of a touring rocker, which gives her brand of folksinging a unique flavor. Songs from her most recent album, The Gospel of Tree Bark, can be heard at

The Wild Wood is a high-energy string band drawing from bluegrass, folk, punk,  and gypsy jazz. This constellation of accomplished young stars (including 2 national champions – mandolin and fiddle) has been drawn together by the affinity they share for traditional folk music, its re-emergence and evolution. http://

Counterfeit Cash is a loving tribute to the incomparable legacy of Johnny Cash and his musical family. What began in 2004 as an acoustic duo has gradually developed into a tight, rocking ensemble with a repertoire of more than 70 Cash (and Carter) classics. Partnered with Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Counterfeit Cash released a music video last year that calls attention to the threat of increasing coal train traffic. Watch it here:

Leave It in the Ground!


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Confluence: A Vision for Inclusive Community Governance featuring Walter Echo-Hawk

Conversation and Talking Circle
Free and open to the public

PSU Native American Student Community Center

710 SW Jackson St, Portland, Oregon 97201
Monday, April 20, 6 -8pm

Walter Echo-Hawk is a Native American attorney, tribal judge, author, activist, and law professor. He represents Indian tribes on important legal issues, such as treaty rights, water rights, religious freedom, prisoner rights, and repatriation rights. His career spans the pivotal years when Indian tribes reclaimed their land, sovereignty, and pride in a stride toward freedom.

Join us as we explore the opportunities for the greater Portland area to embrace an inclusive vision of community governance that equitably represents the priorities of Indigenous Nations.

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