Climate Action on the Columbia

Saturday we drew the line. On July 27th, some 800 people came together from across the region including Vancouver (WA), the Tri-Cities, Astoria, Eugene, Bellingham, Vancouver (BC), Seattle, Portland and Hood River to demonstrate our unity in opposition to the oil, coal and gas terminals proposed throughout the Northwest and our commitment to take action such that none shall pass through our region.

Hundreds attended workshops in the morning and we heard from speakers organizing against coal, oil and gas terminals in Portland, Vancouver (WA), Bellingham, Vancouver (BC) and the lower Columbia estuary. Then hundreds took the to water and the bridge to create a symbolic blockade of the river and to demonstrate our readiness to prevent these terminals from being constructed. In a surprise addition to the action a huge banner was dropped reading “Coal, Oil, Gas / None Shall Pass”.

We gathered on the Columbia because our communities and our climate cannot afford any expansion in polluting fossil fuel infrastructure. We took action Saturday because we know it is our moral responsibility to take a stand and halt projects that aim to turn the Pacific Northwest into a dirty fossil fuel corridor. Our region is poised to play a pivotal role with projects that would allow the burning of enough fossil fuels to have three times the impact as the Keystone XL pipeline. And if we stop these terminals that means they can’t ship it. And if they can’t ship it, they can’t sell it. And that means it stays in the ground.

Saturday was just a beginning. We symbolically blockaded the river to demonstrate our willingness to participate in nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action to prevent these terminals from being constructed should they move forward anywhere in our region. I hope you feel like Jeanne Poirer, from Cashmere, Washington who stated to the Oregonian, “I’ll be back for the real thing”.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action please let us know by filling our this short form:

It was inspiring to be with all of you who were present on Saturday. We could also feel the presence of the thousands of you who weren’t able to join us. We are mobilized and united as a region against these fossil fuel terminals. We are committed to taking action to address the climate crisis. Together we can stop them!

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