Emergency Response to the Mike Brown Grand Jury Decision, October 2014 – January 2015

Where: In front of the Justice Center at SW 3rd and Madison Streets in downtown Portland

When:  4:00 PM, the day after the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown case


The AMA Coalition for Justice, the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, The Urban League, Hella 503, PCHRP, Police Reform, and many others will hold an emergency action to focus on police accountability and justice for Michael Brown on the day after the Grand Jury decision.  Portland Rising Tide will be present in solidarity.

The Grand Jury’s decision could be anytime between now and late December. Be prepared to hit the streets the day after the decision.

Come out to stand for justice! Come out to support community organization!

Forward Ever, Backwards Never!

For more information contact Dr LeRoy Haynes, Chair of the AMA Coalition, at 503-287-0261 or AAPRPoregon@gmail.com


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