Get Involved

Help Out With Events!

There are a wide variety of ways to connect with our work and become involved with the movement to address the climate crisis.  Lots of folks can be involved just by helping spread the word about and showing up at our public events and actions.  This can be a minimal time commitment but can have a big impact and is of big help to us.  If that’s where you feel you fit, please sign up for our email list and keep your eyes out for our next upcoming call out.

If there’s a specific skill or resource you have that you’d like to offer and you think would be useful to our work, let us know!  We’re consistently looking for meeting & training spaces that can hold large numbers of people, free food that’s available on short notice, sturdy vehicles that can carry large/heavy items, screenprinting services, printing services, art supplies, climbing gear, and more!

Get Trained!

If you’re wanting to do more direct action but don’t really want to spend lots of time organizing, we offer Non-violent Direct Action trainings to groups of people who already have some level of trust and affinity with each other.  Get your friends/family/coworkers/fellow students/church group/chess club/step squad etc. together and we’ll happily come talk to you about direct action for hours.  Contact us to inquire more or schedule a training.


Portland Rising Tide gets an amazing amount done on the tiniest shoestring budget you can imagine – just a few thousand a year, a hundredth of even most small non-profits! We have no paid staff and would love it if you can help our devoted volunteers spend less time scraping together pocket change for legal fees, outreach materials, space rental, etc.  Your donation helps Rising Tide to thrive in an increasingly hostile political environment.

Want to get even more involved?

If you’ve got a lot of time to give and really want to delve into the world of direct action organizing against fossil fuel infrastructure, we admit new members into our collective on a rolling basis.  Being a member of Portland Rising Tide asks a both a weekly time commitment as well as a commitment to our anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist analysis.  Let us know if you’re interested in pursuing membership and we will meet with you to see if it feels like a good fit for us both.