Greenwash Portland? We don’t Think so….UN World Environment Day, 6/5/13

UN tries to ‘greenwash’ Portland – Rising Tide and YOU to the rescue! #FearlessSummer
June 5th Waterfront Park near the Hawthorne Bridge 2 PM

The United Nations enlisted Portland to host World Environment Day 2013.  Sure, we have bike lanes and curbside compost.  But we also have coal and LNG export proposals,
oil export, and dozens more toxic industries who call this place home.  False solutions to climate change abound.  The UN Environmental Programme this year is focused on the theme of “Food Waste” yet the UN has also been promoter and developer for various False Solutions to the climate crisis which threaten food security and community resilience.

Watch for pics and info from Rising Tide and allies about our “Climate Crisis is Food Crisis” potluck held on June 5th in downtown Portland.

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