Idaho tribe files suit to halt megaload headed to tar sands

Los Angeles Times — Rick Rojas, August 9, 2013 —

SEATTLE — The Native American tribe that has blocked a narrow highway running through the central Idaho wilderness in order to stall a load carrying equipment to the tar sands in Canada has announced they have turned to a different tactic: a lawsuit.

The Nez Perce tribe announced that it had a filed suit demanding that federal wildlife officials halt the so-called megaload — reportedly stretching over 200 feet and weighing about 644,000 pounds — and prevent others like it.

Since Monday, members of the tribe have stood on Highway 12 each night to form a blockade as the shipment tried to move through. At least 20 people have been arrested, according to local authorities.

Tribal officials said they decided to file the lawsuit — in conjunction with the group Idaho Rivers United — after they believed they had “been left with no other option.”

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