Jordan Cove LNG Terminal DENIED!


In a rather shocking move, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied the permits for the proposed Jordan Cove LNG export facility and accompanying Pacific Connector Pipeline.  Quote FERC:

42. Because the record does not support a finding that the public benefits of the Pacific Connector Pipeline outweigh the adverse effects on landowners, we deny Pacific Connector’s request for certificate authority to construct and operate its project, as well as the related blanket construction and transportation certificate applications.
B. Jordan Cove’s Proposed LNG Terminal

43. The Jordan Cove LNG Terminal and the Pacific Connector Pipeline, though requiring authorization under different sections of the NGA, have been proposed as two segments of a single, integrated project. As described above, Pacific Connector has stated that although its pipeline will be capable of delivering gas to markets in southern Oregon through an interconnection with Northwest’s Grant Pass Lateral, it will not build the project unless the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal Project goes forward. Similarly, without a source of natural gas, proposed here to be delivered by the Pacific Connector Pipeline, it will be impossible for Jordan Cove’s liquefaction facility to function.

44. As discussed above, in determining whether a proposed project will serve the public interest under the Certificate Policy Statement, the Commission balances the public benefits of a proposed project against the potential adverse consequences. While the Certificate Policy Statement does not specifically apply to facilities authorized under NGA section 3, the Commission is still required to conclude that authorization of such facilities will not be inconsistent with the public interest. We find that without a pipeline connecting it to a source of gas to be liquefied and exported, the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Terminal can provide no benefit to the public to counterbalance any of the impacts which would be associated with its construction.

This is a tremendous victory for all of the dedicated people who have been organizing against this terminal.  Thank you to any and all who wrote comments, turned out for actions, and helped us achieve this amazing victory.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming announcements about how we’re going to make sure this project stays dead and buried!

You can read the full text of the FERC decision here


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