Last Thursday Tripod

At the Last Thursday Art Walk, on August 25th, Rising Tide tabled and erected a tripod adorned with lovely anti-coal banners, effectively gathering the interest of the hundreds of art walk attendees.  The tripod in this instance was used as an urban spectacle to draw attention to Rising Tide campaigns, specifically fighting coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest.

The style of tripod put up was taught at the Sunday workshop and art make on August 14th.  There folks learned how to weave together the poles of the tripod and properly raise it, all practically applied at the Last Thursday event.

There was tons of foot traffic through the RT table during the evening, thanks mostly to the fifteen foot tall tripod with boisterous climbers dangling from the crux.  Lots of folks from the community signed up to learn more about what’s going on with Rising Tide and the opposition of climate justice threats in our region.

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