Vancouver City Hall Public Forum, May 12, 6:30p

Vancouver activists are seeking 50 people to respond to the input the City Council received last week from Tesoro Savage about how safe they are.

We urge the City of Vancouver to actively oppose all projects which would increase oil train traffic through Vancouver.

Talking points include:

  • Safety and risks are not just about the Tesoro Savage oil terminal.  They are  also about the oil trains.  When Tesoro says it will use only the safest cars, remind yourselves that the BNSF doesn’t think those cars are very safe.

On April 22, the Columbian reported that a rail industry representative testified before the NTSB saying “None of the tank cars currently in service carrying Bakken Crude (are) adequate for carrying that product.”  Bakken Crude contains more dissolved propane than regular crude and can thus be ignited by a spark more easily than regular crude.

 The rail industry wants the federal government to establish regulations for a safer next generation rail car, but it will take ten years remove the old fleet and replace it updated, safer models..

  • We urge the City of Vancouver to oppose not only the Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal, but to also oppose the NuStar terminal in Vancouver, the Shell Refinery terminal in Skagit County, the 3 terminals in Grays Harbor, and the oil terminal expansion in Clatskanie. ( Already three terminals have been approved in the Puget Sound area without even so much as an Environmental Impact Statement. )
  • We urge the City of Vancouver to ask Governor Inslee to direct DOE to assume joint lead agency status with Skagit County and require an EIS process.  We urge the City of Vancouver to submit a scoping comment to DOE regarding the Grays Harbor terminals.  The city could easily adapt or just send in  its Tesoro Savage scoping comment.
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