Megaload Planning and Action Meeting II

Thanks to all who attended the Megaload Action Briefing and Planning Meeting  on Thursday night!  We had an update from the actions in Umatilla over the past weekend when the first megaload left the Port of Umatilla on Sunday, December 1.   Special thanks to Cathy Sampson-Kruse, an Umatilla tribal elder, and  Kayla Godowa of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs for sharing their deep commitment to climate, sacred lands and our responsibility to our decedents for 7 generations.

We discussed the work of Portland Rising Tide, the tar sands, and the next two megaload shipments planned for December and January.  It is heartening for us to see such a tremendous response.

We have been offered a really nice space for a follow-up  Action and Planning Meeting on  Saturday, December 7. Please join us at:
Flux, 412 NW Couch St, at 4:45.
We’ll continue to discuss plans for next week, as well as establishing connections with each to carry this campaign forward. We are especially excited to see new faces! Invite your friends and join us!
This is an important opportunity to take action to block or delay equipment headed for what many have called the most destructive project on the planet.
The next few weeks will be a perfect time to expand your activist skill set, and we look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday, December 7.
Portland Rising Tide
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