Megaload Rally TONIGHT! Join Us

As you know, the third megaload was permitted last week just in time to be snowed in. But the snow has melted, WE EXPECT IT TO MOVE TONIGHT (Tuesday Feb 11th) and we want you to come to the rally!

Can you join us tonight night at the Port of Umatilla? If you haven’t been out to Eastern Oregon for a megaload rally, this may be your last chance and we must show tar sands profiteers that we won’t let Oregon become a long term heavy haul route for equipment used to destroy the earth and climate.

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Tuesday Feb 11th, 7pm.

Meet at the Quality Inn in Umatilla at 7pm for a pre-rally gathering.

Carpools leaving Portland for Umatilla are meeting at 3 PM at 2 locations:

Cherry Sprout, 722 N. Sumner St.
When you arrive at Cherry Sprout, ask for Lowen. He will be helping to coordinate ride shares at this location and will have maps for drivers.

The Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Ave
When you arrive at the Red and Black, ask for Eddie. He will be helping to coordinate ride shares at this location and will have maps for drivers.

If you are headed to the rally and have space in your vehicle, please stop by the meet up spot closest to you and pick up folks that need a ride. If you want to go, but don’t have a ride, come to one of these two locations to get one! Please bring a few bucks for gas money!

If you have travel issues or questions call Lowen 503-407-8749
What to bring/How to be prepared
-It might be raining, it will definitely be cold. Bring warm clothes and rain gear.
-Please be self sufficient and make a plan ahead of time for where you will sleep if you choose to stay the night.
-Bring food and hot drinks to keep yourself fueled and content.
-Bring signs/banners if you have them!
See you there!

For the Earth,
Yoko Silk and Trip Jennings

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