Megaload Tracker

This map indicates the route of the Omega Morgan megaload shipments through Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The “Monster Truck” pins on the map indicate each load’s reported location as of January 24.

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ODOT has issued the permit for Megaload #3. If you would like to help block its movement out of the Port of Umatilla, click here to join the rapid response network.

The first two megaloads were reported to be in Choteau, MT several days ago. Where are they now? Check the media updates, weather information and road conditions listed below for the latest information. Twitter users: if you see a megaload, please help us track it by tweeting its location using the #megaload hashtag.

If allowed to pass, these shipments are eventually to arrive in Alberta as part of an expansion of the Alberta tar sands project.  Of course, these beasts should not be allowed to pass.  To find out more about how you can impede the progress of this and other destructive projects like it, click here.   If you’d like to get involved in organizing Portland-based actions, check Action Alerts, PRT Facebook, and/or email megaload (at )

Latest Media Updates

Weather at Current Locations

Megaload #3

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Megaload #1 & #2

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Road Conditions

Oregon Department of Transportation Trip Check
Idaho Transportation Department Road Reports
Montana Department of Transportation Road Conditions

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