Occupy into Action

Portland Rising Tide’s response to the Occupy movement, Occupy into Action, was a three-part mini action camp held today at Occupy Portland. Rising Tide facilitated Power and Privilege, Strategic Campaign Planning and Nonviolent Direct Action trainings, each attended by about 30 people.

The first workshop, facilitated by Rising Tide’s Isobel and Trip used multiple activities to depict how privilege, a merit given, not earned, impacts access to power. The group also addressed the individual privileges they did or did not have and then went into small breakouts for discussion.

Strategic Campaign Planning is a must-see for all organizers. Kim Marx of Rising Tide North America (and Portland when we are lucky enough to have her!) facilitated this workshop designed to help groups find their goals, use appropriate tactics to achieve them and most importantly, avoid activist burnout. Doing actions that do not support your end goal is the number one reason for burnout, according to Kim, she encourages groups to educate themselves thoroughly about their issue and choose appropriate goals and reevaluate often.

Jasmine and recent Portland Rising Tide convert, Abigail, co-facilitated a 3-hour Nonviolent Direct Action Training for interested Occupy Portland participants. The workshop gave people an opportunity to explore the roles of direct action in popular social and environment movements, learn about the affinity group model, roles often needed during direct actions, how to de-escalate situations through verbal and nonverbal communication, a bit about legal and lastly, summed it all up with a rad mock direct action!

In the spirit of action camps, there is an action planned for Monday, October 17th in downtown Portland. Stay tuned!

Did you miss the fun? Rising Tide is hosting another Occupy into Action mini action camp on October, 29th at Occupy Portland. Check the website and Facebook (friend page) for details!

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