Coal Oil Gas – None Shall Pass

Portland Rising Tide has had an incredible year thanks to your support and participation.

You’ve seen our work around the megaloads over the last few weeks but we’ve done so much more and we need your support to keep building this movement. Please make a donation today if you can.

Last January we started things off with an action shutting down a Chevron Station in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en via a super fun snowball fight.

Over the spring we organized a variety of interventions building up to the Climate Action on the Columbia in July. Over 1,000 people gathered to demonstrate our region’s united opposition to the proposed oil, coal and gas terminals and our willingness to take direct action as needed.

In the fall we disrupted a luncheon by Ambre energy, who want to build a coal terminal in Longview, and we shut down the Port of Vancouver in solidarity with locked out workers and in opposition to the proposed 360,000 barrel per day oil terminal proposed there.
We ended the year by blockading the tar sands megaloads in Eastern Oregon in collaboration with allies from the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla and others. Nineteen people have been arrested in actions that by building on years of previous resistance have delayed the tar sands megaloads moving through Eastern Oregon and made them controversial throughout the nation.
We are stoked! With your help in 2014, we will continue to build a climate justice movement committed to confronting the root causes of the climate crisis. This will allow us to stop the tar sands megaloads and all of the proposed oil, coal and gas terminals in our region.
Please donate if you can to support our work. Our escalated work has come with costs, including $ 20,000 for legal, bail, organizing and action funds for the megaloads alone. Please forward this email to friends who might also be able to financially support us.
We are an all-volunteer group and we look forward to your continued involvement in 2014! Without your participation none of this is possible.
Thanks for everything you do,
Portland Rising Tide
PS – If you’d prefer to use PayPal you can or email us and we can provide an address to mail checks to!

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