Public Hearing On Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal

Here is another chance to say no to 360,000 barrels of oil rolling down through the Columbia Gorge in 4 unit trains per day. It seems crazy anymore to have to  explain why this is a bad idea.  
Tuesday, January 5th
Tuesday, January 5th.
Clark County Event Center/Fairgrounds, just north of Vancouver, in Ridgefield, WA.
Take EXIT 9 off I-5, northbound and southbound.
Background info attached.
The Hearing begins at 1:00PM. Rally at 5:00. Hearing restarts at 6:00PM and continues through the evening until the last speaker.
Please wear RED. 
Your presence is important. 
Join us in opposition to this dangerous project whether you intend to speak or not. 
Bring a sack lunch. 
INFO on CARPOOLS—contact Bonnie: or 503-705-1943 
“Thin Green Line”
Just before the Christmas recess, Congress passed a budget resolution that includes an amendment to lift the ban on exporting crude oil. Lifting the ban puts that much more pressure on the Pacific Northwest from the fossil fuel industry, which wants to turn the region into a hub for exporting fossil fuels.
On Barbara Berstein’s 12/28 Locus Focus show on KBOO Radio, guest Dan Serres, of Columbia Riverkeeper, reviewed this past year of climate action in the face of the fossil fuel industry’s aggressive plans to build oil, coal, LNG and liquid propane terminals across the Northwest
Here the show:
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