Railside Community Listening Project, Saturday, April 11, 10a-3p

Vancouver Action Network is partnering with Portland Rising Tide to go door to door speaking with residents of railside neighborhoods. Our second venture will take place on Saturday, April 11 from 10am-3pm followed by a debriefing from 3:30-4:30pm in Portland, OR. If you don’t live in Portland we would still love to work with you on Oil Train organizing.

If you are interested in participating in the Listening Projects please RSVP to Matt Landon at vancouveractionnetwork@gmail.com

**Training Required**

Everyone who plans to attend the Listening Project will need to attend either of 2 trainings offered on Friday April 10 from 7pm-8pm or Saturday April 11 from 8:30am-9:30am. You only need to attend 1 listening project training but you MUST attend our Listening Project training in order to go door to door for this project even if you have prior listening experience.

Friday, April 10, 7-8pm, 2249 E Burnside
Saturday, April 11, 8-9am, 2249 E Burnside

What is a Listening Project?

This Listening Project model was started by the Mountain Justice Movement in 2005 and has been modified and replicated by several social / eco justice groups around the world since then. Listeners get training and go with a buddy door to door asking residents questions to gauge their feelings and concerns about oil train issues. It is a humbling experience, asking questions and then listening to their answers. Listeners will be equiped with maps and other educational materials to distribute. At the end of each 15-30 minute interview the Listeners write down responses and move on to the next house keeping track of which houses have been visited. At the end of the day we gather back to debrief the Listening Project and share stories and highlights. The Listening Projects are good for finding supporters, expanding the local knowledge base and networks, and learning how to phrase our struggles in local terms. The end goal of
the Listening Project is to empower local residents by allowing them to tell their story with the idea that upon feeling empowered that they would then organize and take action. Mountain Justice has gotten lots of positive results from using these Listening Projects in Southern Appalachia around coal mining issues.

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