Road through Paris – Portland March for Climate Justice

December 12th, the day after the UN Paris Climate Talks end, people all across the world are taking to the streets to make sure the people, not the politicians, have the last word. Regardless of what gets decided in Paris, we know that climate leadership is coming from the ground up with the grassroots and cities leading the way. 

In Portland, we’ll gather at the base of the Tilikum Bridge, the Bridge of the People, for a short rally with music and speakers, before marching across in a call for climate justice. See below for map of meetup location.

Co-sponsored by: 350PDX, Bark, Biosafety Alliance, Climate Action Coalition, Friends of the Gorge, Greenpeace PNW, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, OEC, Portland Audubon, Portland Rising Tide, PDX Bike Swarm, Soil Not Oil Coalition, the Sierra Club and more!

This peaceful, family friendly event will be outside, so dress to stay warm and dry. There will be warm drinks – tea, coffee, hot cider – and some snacks available.

11:30 AM – Gathering starts with music – Love Bomb Go Go
12:00 PM – Short rally featuring Kathleen Dean Moore & other local leaders for climate justice
12:30 PM – March across Tilikum Crossing

Here are ways you can help make Dec 12th a powerful action:

Volunteer on the 12th: 
We need your help with clean-up, warming stations, unloading signs, and other odd jobs! Fill out the volunteer form and we’ll be in touch about roles.

Join the Flash Mob:
Watch the video, learn the moves and then show up early on December 12th ready to dance:

Make a donation to help cover costs. Anything is appreciated! 

From December 6th through 12th, Portlanders are planning a week of action targeting many of the things we are trying to TURN OFF in order to TURN ON a world of climate justice. 

Thursday December 10th: #StopTPP PDX – Road through Paris Action

Friday December 11th: What LNG Means for Oregon: A Visual Representation

Saturday December 12th: March for Climate Justice

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