#StopTPP PDX – Road Through Paris Action

This December, leaders from around the world are decending on Paris to forge new climate agreements that will inevitably be written and supported by the fossil fuel industry. We need system change, not climate change!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the ultimate example of the a capitalist system that seeks to subvert democracy with corporate control of our communities. Land and people around the world will be impacted by the erosion of human rights and natural rights while increasing the rights of the 1% to profit at all costs. 

Join us on the week of NAFTA’s anniversary to say NO to new free trade agreements that threaten people and climate. We will have a short rally followed by an action to go after a local champion of the TPP right here in our own backyard. Wear blue!

When: Thursday, December 10, 12 PM

Where: Portland City Hall, 1220 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

For more info on the TPP:

The full week of action:

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