Support the Berrypickers Union! – March 18th & 19th

Familias Unidas por la Justicia (Families United for Justice) is an independent farmworker union based in Burlington, WA comprised of over 300 farmworker families. For the last three years they have been fighting at Sakuma Bros berry farm with strikes, court cases, and a boycott to bring an end to wage theft, denial of lunch and rest breaks, racist harassment from supervisors, poverty wages, exposure to pesticides, and inhumane housing conditions.
Speaking Event
Friday, March 18th, 
6 PM 
First Unitarian Church
1211 SW Main St.
Picket Line
Saturday, March 19th
10:30 AM
Whole Foods
2825 E Burnside St.

They have been calling for a boycott of Sakuma berries until the company negotiates a union contract with Familias Unidas. Sakuma responded to the effective boycott by moving their production under the Driscoll’s label. Driscoll’s is the world’s largest berry distributor and also supplies berries from San Quintin Mexico where over 70,000 farmworkers went on strike and formed a union in March 2015.

Now both unions are united in calling for an international boycott of Driscoll’s berries and the activity and formation of boycott committees has exploded all over the country! Familias Unidas is working to build upon this momentum and organize a major boycott offensive by touring the West Coast for a full month, sharing the story of their struggle with communities along the way, and asking people to take up the Driscoll’s boycott so farmworkers in Washington and Mexico can win historic union contracts this year!

Join us Friday March 18th at the Unitarian Church to hear from the farmworkers yourself and learn how you can support this historic movement to transform the food system!

Also join us in taking action Saturday March 19th, 10:30 AM for a picket line at Whole Foods, 2825 E Burnside St.

If you want more information or are interested in forming a boycott committee please reach out to the boycott coordination team at:

To learn more about the campaign, visit



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