Tank of Doom 6th Great Extinction Bomb Train Ride

imagesIce caps melt, sea-level rises, weather gets weird, oceans acidify. The 6th Great Extinction is underway but the Culture At-Large acts like nothing is happening. This must be a Cartoon. So, dig that Daffy Duck costume out of the closet. Join us for some Looney good times and Tunes touring with the Tank of Doom— rollin’ bike-powered fossil fuel buffoonery.  Ride along NoPo’s infamous oil-train blast zones with stops for fun and food…

What: Maybe dress up like a soon-to-be-extinct animal and ride through NoPo’s infamous oil-train blast zones

When: Saturday, June 13th, 12-4pm

Where:  Starts at Khunamokwst Park, NE Alberta St & NE 52nd Ave Take Trimet

Wes Kempfer, wkempferjr at gmail daht comm, tankofdoom.info, 503-926-3867  [forum]



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