Tar Sands Megaload Set to Roll from Umatilla on Sunday Night, November 24

November 21, 2013  —  Omega Morgan is the trucking company hired by a subsidiary of General Electric Co. to ship massive oil refinery equipment manufactured in South Korea to the tar sands project in western Canada. AP reports that plans to begin moving the oversized loads along highways in eastern Oregon and southern Idaho according to officials in both states.

“The first of the so-called megaloads could begin making its way from the Port of Umatilla in Oregon this weekend before crossing the Snake River and into Idaho’s southwestern corner next week” according to the AP report.

A working map of the route for the 650,000 pound, three-story high equipment manufactured in South Korea, has been posted by All Against the Haul and can be viewed here.

The load’s Idaho leg “is now proposed along U.S. Highway 93, up Lost Trail Pass, with an elevation of 7,014 feet, and into southwestern Montana” according to AP.  From there, the massive equipment would wend northward along small highways and through small towns to its final destination, the tar sands mines of Alberta, Canada which are among the largest mines of any type in world.

Tar sands oil is the most toxic fossil fuel on the planet.   Its extraction leaves in its wake scarred landscapes and a web of pipelines and polluting refineries.  As it delays our transition to a clean energy economy, tar sands has been identified as the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions growth in Canada, as it accounts for 40 million tons of CO2 emissions per year according to Greenpeace.

Updates to the planned Omegaloads will be tracked and reported by Portland,Rising Tide, Wild Idaho Rising Tide, All Against the Haul and CoalMarch.org.


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