Theater of the Oppressed 1/8/12

Saturday January 8th, 2012

1:30-3:30 @ People’s Co-op community room (upstairs)

3029 Southeast 21st Avenue  Portland, OR 97202

come prepared to move, play, and have fun

free! open to all ages!


Theater is a channel for knowledge; it is the art of looking at our selves and can be a means of transforming society. Brazilian theater activist, Augusto Boal, created Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) in the 1960’s out of a belief that “we can make this world a place where we can be happy in rather than just a vast market place in which we sell our goods and our souls”. In Theater of the Oppressed there are no spectators. The fourth wall of traditional theater is abolished and spectators become ‘spect-actors’. The spect-actors are the participants in the creation of the drama – it is their conflict, their worlds, and their life experiences that we wish to address.

By giving the participants power in the creation of the action, they are being transformed and prepared to participate in the theater of life. Using the various techniques and activities outlined in the Theater of the Oppressed doctrine, spect-actors uncover the root causes of problems and what internal and external factors block them from effective action. They are able to “see” their problem, “analyze” it and “act” to change the situation.

More about Theatre of the Oppressed and our workshop presenter:


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