Lummi Totem Pole Journey

Local citizens were invited to join as the Lummi sent a message, Quel Hoy’ (We Draw The Line) against coal exports.  In a showing of blessings and strength for the Totem Pole Journey, we joined Tribal members at Cathedral Park along the Willamette River in Portland, OR on September 23, 2013.

Quel Hoy’ will continued its journey throughout the Northwest:

The Kwel hoy’ Totem Pole journey, September 15-29, started in the Powder River Basin and followed the coal train route west through Indian Country, through the Columbia Gorge, then north to Xwe’chi’eXen, the proposed site of the Cherry Point coal export terminal near Bellingham, WA.

The journey concluded in British Columbia, where the totem pole was placed in the homeland of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, demonstrating unity with the Canadian First Nations’ position opposing the transport of Tar Sands by pipelines across their territories. There, the totem pole was met by Tribes and First Nations from all directions.

The Totem Pole was placed as a means of reinforcing the message: Kwel hoy.’ (We Draw The Line)

The House of Tears Carvers and a team of support people and witnesses accompanied the Totem Pole on its 1,200 mile long journey. At each event, Tribal members, non-Tribal local citizens, elected officials, and the press attended the gatherings.

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