Tripod Workshop and Art Make

On a sunny Sunday August 14, 2011 at the park next to the Mississippi Coop we held a tripod workshop and art make.  A tripod is a well-worn direct action tactic for blockading roads and creating urban spectacles. The idea is to securely knot together three poles (trees or metal), ideally 20+ feet long and place them in the middle of a road or intersection such that no cars can pass without dangerously disrupting the structure and the person who has situated themselves at the top of the poles in what is referred to as the “crow’s nest.”

The hands on workshop taught folks how to tie tripod knots and raise the poles into place. In the end, it looks like the skeleton of a teepee structure. No one climbed up this time, due to time constraints, but the tripod was tested for swing-ability!

It ended up that lots of folks who attended the workshop had experience with tripods and their stories and advice made for extra learning experience plus a cool connection to former campaigns.

If you missed the tripod workshop and want to see it again (all lit up this time!) check us out at Last Thursday where we’ll be using the tripod spectacle to spread the word about proposed coal export terminals…not blocking roads. The beautiful banners made during the second half of the workshop will be on display too!

Please check out our future events and workshops!

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