Community Meeting to Stop Coal Exports, 4/18/12


As you are likely aware, Portland is on the verge of becoming a gateway for coal export.

There are six proposed coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington with the capacity to export many times more coal than we currently burn. The coal would come from the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming and the Oregon Department of State Lands could approve the first proposal in the next two months! There is even a proposal to bring dirty coal trains through the communities of NE Portland.

Please join Portland Rising Tide at a meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 7pm at St. Francis Church 1131 Southeast Oak Street, Portland to begin to build alliances and strategize to create a loud, unified, community-based voice against coal.

We recognize that coal is an environmental as well as a social justice issue. Communities that are most impacted by fossil fuel infrastructure are often those with the fewest resources to mitigate these impacts. As a community, Portland has a unique opportunity to influence the future of fossil fuel use in the country and the world. Since the United States has the largest supply of coal on the planet, victories over coal here will echo globally.

Please spread this message to any individuals or grassroots groups that you think may be interested. Hope to see you there!

For climate justice,
Portland Rising Tide


More on our organizing approach:

We do not believe that the dominant, business-friendly means of addressing climate change will have any significant impact preventing catastrophic global warming. Power hungry politicians, communities disconnected from each other and the planet, and an economics based on making money and careless consumption are fundamentally at odds with the concept of environmental sustainability. Work against the coal export terminals can demonstrate what it looks like to organize locally, promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.

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