Vancouver City Council Votes to Oppose Oil Terminal

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The Vancouver city council voted 5-2 Monday evening to oppose the Tesoro/Savage oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver. Read about all the details here in this OPB article.

But there’s still a lot of work to do.  The City Council does not have the final word. Based on recommendations of the Energy Facilities Siting Council of Washington State (EFSEC), the decision whether or not to build the terminal rests in the hands of Governor Jay Inslee and, ultimately, the public.

Furthermore, many politicians frame oil-by-rail, and related projects such as this one, merely as safety issues.  And, they certainly are. However, they stop short of acknowledging the impact that the recent rapid increase in oil-by-rail will have on the climate. In that regard, there is no such thing as a safe oil train.

Check this site frequently for actions you can take to stop the transport of fossil fuels through the Pacific Northwest.

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