Vancouver Landing Summer Heat Workshop Schedule, Saturday 7/27

10.30-11.20 and 11.30- 12.20 (Take your pick)
Fossil Fuel Exports
Dan Serres, Conservation Director of Columbia River Keeper will outline plans by Big Coal, Oil and Gas to transform the NorthWest into a fossil fuel corridor. Find out more about the 18 proposed export terminals and what you can do to stop them.
An Introduction to Direct Action
Direct Action and civil disobedience has played an important role in many movements throughout history. Hear about how and why we can use direct action to stop fossil fuel exports. Presented by Abigail Singer, Rising Tide North America.
What’s Wrong with the TPP?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement is one of the US’s dirtiest secrets. Find out how the TPP would increase fracking and faciltate exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Presented by Madelyn Elder (President, Local 7901, Communication Workers of America) and Ted Gleichman (Beyond Natural Gas Team, Sierra Club)
10.30a-11.20a Only
Stories of Resistance from Keystone XL 
Come along to get an update on the campaign to stop KXL and be inspired by stories of resistance from the frontline. Presented by Ryan Rittenhouse and Bonnie Mckinley (, Portland Rising Tide, Power Past Coal).
11.30a-12.20p Only
Sick of Coal 
Rebekah Creswell from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility will discuss the health impacts of coal and opportunities for building alliances with health professionals.
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