Vigil of Hope for Francisco Aguirre

This is a critical week for Francisco Aguirre, as he will leave Sanctuary at Augustana the morning of October 22nd, traveling across town to the Portland Field Office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS) for his biometric appointment. This appointment is in compliance with the processing of his U-Visa.

The danger is real: I.C.E. could try to take him when he ventures out of the sacred space of Sanctuary.

But we know our power is greater than the aggressions of I.C.E.! We have seen and felt the love and support pouring out from the community, and the support for ALL the “Franciscos” in Portland and across the nation!

Embracing Francisco and His Family
Wednesday, October 22nd
USCIS Field Office
1455 NW Overton
Portland 97209

We ask that you arrive at 9:30am
There will be inspiring music and a call-and-response litany as we receive him, escort him, and await his safe departure from the USCIS office to return to Sanctuary!

Please share this invite with your friends, family, neighbors, faith communities, students, ALL – and join us in hope and with love!
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