Arc Logistics’ Portland Oil Terminal

With essentially no public involvement or regulatory proceedings, the ArcLogistics terminal began operations in January of 2014. (1) This was possible because the site did not require construction, and thus a permitting process, like other controversial fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the region. It operates under modified permits issued to the facility’s previous owners, who were in the business of producing asphalt. (2)

 Union Pacific trains carry oil along Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon and into the gorge before reaching the ArcLogistics terminal, which has the capacity to store around 1.5 million barrels of oil (3). The volume they are currently transporting is unknown; it is telling, however, that in recent months, for the very first time, UP trains carrying nothing but oil have been seen in the Columbia River Gorge. (4) The facility is currently undergoing construction that will increase its operational capacity, anticipated to reach 16,250 bpd. (5)

On August 30, 2014, climate justice activists with Portland Rising Tide shut down the ArcLogistics crude oil terminal in Northwest Portland resulting in one arrest.

Rising Tide and allies continue to oppose Arc Logistics and the expansion of oil terminals throughout the northwest and the nation.

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